Basic properties of EPE foamed

EPE Zhenzhu Mian in China is the recent rise of a new type of plastic materials. It is made of polyethylene plastic particles, after heating, melting, extrusion, catalysis, foam forming pearl foam sheet of plastic materials. The EPE foam is a new type of polyethylene plastic products because of its special advantages, not only does not pollute the environment and can be recycled, so according to its own characteristics is a new type of sunrise will never decline in the material. With time and product development and application of continuous, EPE Zhenzhu Mian foam materials and packaging materials in the packaging will be more widely used.

EPE EPE Foam Material Basic Characteristics:

1.30-40 times the high foam forming products, light weight, a certain ruggedness;

2. Softness and good cushioning;

3. Thermal conductivity is very low heat insulation is excellent;

4. Independent foam of the foam material, almost no water-absorbent material;

5. High foam and excellent water resistance, it has a strong buoyancy;

6. Not subject to corrosion of various drugs Corrosion-resistant materials;

7. Not subject to various climatic conditions, weather resistance superior;

8. Independent foam foam material has a good anti-vibration anti-vibration effect;

9. Cutting, bonding, extrusion, vacuum forming, compression molding and other highly processability;

10. Fine foam foam material, the appearance of smooth, can be colored, was beautiful effect;

11. Production of flame-retardant products by processing;

12. Can be used to prevent electrostatic treatment.

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