EPE glue-free automatic laminator of the eight major advantages

EPE automatic glue-paste machine is controlled by microcomputer, can automatically quickly paste the EPE's patented equipment. It has a production speed, a person can operate independently, reduce production costs, energy saving and environmental protection advantages.

EPE automatic laminating machine of the eight major advantages are as follows:

1. Large size products can save 1-2 manpower, the smaller the product the more manpower savings (depending on the specific product may be).

2 heating device away from the operator, the operator safe and comfortable.

3. Batch fit, save packaging of labor and time.

5. Through the microcomputer control heating plate, keep the temperature uniformity, make the product quality consistent.

6. Save about hot-melt adhesives, almost all of the cost of the use of hot-melt adhesive omitted (hot-melt adhesives of about 4 yuan / square meter, hot wear only to 0.5MM).

7 to make the product is very smooth, no glue, there will be no use of hot melt adhesive yellowing phenomenon occurs. Which can meet the needs of many specific customers. 4. Easy to use, staff get started very quickly, the average worker can be skilled to use.

8. EPE automatic glue-paste machine easy to use, simple, safe and reliable, the parameters can be adjusted.

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