Non-fat pearl cotton little knowledge

Oil-free EPE foam from the low-density polyethylene foam generated by the physical composition of numerous independent bubbles. Overcome the ordinary foam plastic brittle, deformation, poor recovery of the shortcomings. Toughness, recycling, environmental protection, impact strength, and many other advantages, but also has good chemical resistance, it is the ideal alternative to traditional packaging materials.

EPE EPE non-oil products, the surface layer of the naked eye is difficult to see the oil spill, packaging products will be stained in the product surface, EPE Zhenzhu Mian such a phenomenon in the product is more prone to heat.

According to this situation the major producers of non-oil Zhenzhu Mian manufacturers are also looking for a breakthrough in order to produce more able to adapt to market demand for non-oil Zhenzhu Mian. At present, non-oil EPE products used in packaging a lot of electronic products, product density, the appearance of fine, cut can be recycled. Visible non-oil Zhenzhu Mian in the future there will be a lot of room for development.

EPE grease-free Zhenzhu Mian has also been a lot of luggage for the flexibility of handbags lined, industrial production of noise, insulation materials, agricultural insulation materials, aquaculture floating equipment, sporting goods protective pad, water operations life-saving equipment, family, hotel Floor decoration, liner and so on. The large number of its pipe for air conditioning, Childs vehicles, children's toys, furniture and other industries.

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3d XPE Foam Wall Sticker Moulding Machine/XPE folding mat machine

XPE material cushioning - for the semi-rigid foam, after the impact of strong impact without loss of original performance, and more for precision instruments, semiconductor packaging and other fields, but also can use its easy formability, and for sports protection products And leisure products production areas.