Machinery exports to the US product packaging requirements

International trade, the vast majority of goods need some packaging, it is part of the description of the goods is to protect the goods and beautify the important means of goods, is one of the main conditions of the contract. Packaging is good or bad, not only related to the use of goods, sales, price, but also to some extent, reflects a country's productivity level.

First, the transport packaging logo

Refers to the transport package above the writing, embossing, drawing graphics, numbers and text, the purpose is to identify the goods in transit. There are three major transport signs, indicative signs and warning signs.

(A) transport signs

Also known as mark, usually by a simple geometric figures and some letters, numbers and simple text composition.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Working Group on the Simplification of International Trade Procedures, the standard transport signs established by the four factors, they are:

1. The acronym or acronym for the consignee or buyer's name;

2. Reference numbers: such as AWB number, order number and invoice number;

3. Destination;

Number of pieces.

(B) indicative signs

According to the characteristics of goods, for some fragile, fragile, perishable goods, with text descriptions and graphics to mark, to show the handling and storage process should pay attention to issues and issues. Such as "gently put", "do not use the hook" and so on.

(3) Warning signs

Means a description and pictorial representation of the dangerous nature of the transport packaging of flammable, explosive, toxic, highly toxic, corrosive and radioactive material in order to alert the person concerned to the carriage, storage and handling of the goods, The nature of the goods, to take appropriate protective measures to protect personal safety and transport of materials security.

Second, the neutral packaging and licensing

(A) of the neutral packaging

It refers to packaging that does not identify the country of manufacture, the name of the place and the manufacturer, nor the mark or brand. These include:

1. Unlicensed neutral packaging: Goods or packaging are not used on any trademark or brand, do not indicate the country of production and factory.

2. Neutral card packaging: goods or packaging on the use of the buyer designated trademarks or brands, but do not indicate the country of production and factory.

(B) of the licensing

Means a mark or trade mark designated by the buyer on the goods or packages sold by the seller at the buyer's request.

In China's specific approach is:

1. In the production of goods and / or packaging label, only the foreign trade mark or brand name, rather than indicating the name of the country of origin and export, which is the use of brand-neutral packaging practices.

2. In the production of goods and / or packaging label, marked with the trademark or brand, but also raise the name of foreign trade names or that the firm's mark.

3. In the production of goods and / or packaging label, the use of the buyer designated by the trademark or brand name, at the same time under the trademark or brand name marked "Made in China" words.

(C) the provisions of the packaging

The terms of the contract in the sale of packaging include: packaging materials, packaging, packaging specifications, packaging signs and packaging costs and so on.

Buyers and sellers in the contract to negotiate the terms of packaging should note the following:

1. The requirements of the packaging should be specifically clear;

(2) Where the cost of the packaging is to be borne;

3. Clearly provide transport signs;

4. Clear packaging should bear the responsibility.

Third, transport packaging and sales packaging

Commodity packaging, according to their different roles in the circulation process is divided into

(A) transport packaging

To transport as the main purpose of the packaging, this packaging has to protect product safety, convenient storage and handling, speed up the transfer, point inspection and so on. Usually divided into:

1. One-piece shipping packaging

2. Collection of transport packaging

(1) Containers

(2) container bag, bag

(3) Tray

(B) sales packaging

To sell as the main purpose, with the goods into the retail market to meet directly with the consumer packaging. In addition to the role of protection of this product packaging, but also beautify the goods, promotional merchandise, easy to carry, so as to promote the sales function.

Common sales packages are:

(1) hanging packaging

(2) stacked packaging

(3) portable packaging

(4) easy to open packaging

(5) spray packaging

(6) matching package

(7) gift packaging

(8) multiplexing packaging

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